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History of Germania Club Newcastle

"Zur Bewahrung der deutschen Sprache und Kultur"

Germania Club Newcastle has more than 65 years of history in the Hunter. Founded in 1957 by German immigrants, the Club quickly became known to many locals for its iconic Clubhouse on Hillsborough Road in Warners Bay and the annual Oktoberfest celebrations.

  • Foundation: Brought together by dance events for migrants who lived in and around Newcastle, a group of German immigrants established Germania Club Newcastle in 1957. (learn more)

  • Clubhouse: With the founding of the Club in 1957, the dream of a Clubhouse was born. It proved to be a long, hard, and stony patch from the purchase of the land in 1967 to the Official Opening in 1975. (learn more)

  • Folk Dancing: Over the years, folkloric dancing became and integral part of the many social functions of the Club. In June 1993, the folk dancing group even won the prize of the day at the Folkloric Festival at the Sydney Opera House. (learn more)

  • Oktoberfest: Around the world, German communities are known for their annual Oktoberfest celebrations. In its heyday, Oktoberfest in Warners Day attracted up to 20,000 visitors from around the country. (learn more)

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