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German Language and Culture

"Zur Bewahrung der deutschen Sprache und Kultur"

Even though many people living in Australia have a connection to German culture and language, it can be difficult to keep track of what is available and how to connect with the German community. Hence, this page seeks to provide an overview groups, services and businesses linked to German culture and language in the Hunter region and beyond.

  • Hunter Region: Whether it is coming together to watch a German movie, or enjoying a Bratwurst and a Pretzel over a German meetup. There are many ways to engage with the German community in the Hunter. (learn more)

  • Australia: Across the country, media services such as SBS German, Die Woche, and Deutsche Welle are available to the German community. Also, a range of German clubs around the country are available to join. (learn more)

  • Research: German immigration to the Hunter can be traced back to the 1830s. A number of publications capture German heritage, and researchers are interested to learn more about how the German community is evolving over time. (learn more)

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